Making News

15-08 | Entrepreneur Feature
Baton Rouge Business Report

15-01 | Orange-Toothed Giant Rodent?
Modern Farmer

14-08-25 Canine Conservation Corps?
Country Roads Magazine|

14-06-30 Dogged Determination
InRegister Magazine

14.03.27 | Marsh Dog Treats
The New Yorker

13.10.10 | New Yorker Discovers Nutria Treats in Baton Rouge

13.10.10 | Swamp Commerce
WWNO Out To Lunch

13.10.08 | Healthy and Conscious Treats
225 Magazine

13.09.20 | Can Dog Food Help Louisiana’s Wetlands?
American Public Media - Marketplace

13.07.02 | New Dog Treats Made from Nutria of Louisiana
Pet Food Industry

13.06.26 | Man Creates Dog Treats Out of Nutria
WAFB Baton Rouge

13.05 | Marsh Dog
Pack & Paddle Blog

13.02 | Dog Biscuit with Purpose
Louisiana Public Broadcasting - Louisiana: The State We’re In

13.01 | Nutria Biscuits with a Purpose
The Bear Deluxe Magazine

13.01 | Is Your Dog a Marsh Dog?
Mandeville Conifer

12.12.17 | Treat Your Dog, Save the Wetlands
Houma Today

12.11.01 | Morgan City Fest Targets Sobering Threat
Tri-Parish Times

12.10.01 |  Lee Feinswog’s Sports 225
Sports Monday

12.07.15 |  Coastal Pest Becomes Pet Treat
Baton Rouge Advocate

12.07.13 |  “Doggie Crack” in the Form of Nutria Helps Save Our Wetlands
WGNO/NOLA 38 News With a Twist

12.06.14 |  BTNEP Grant Helps Fund Wild Nutria Dog Biscuits
CWPRA (Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act)

12.06.14 |  Nutria Dog Biscuits Chew Into New Orleans
NOLA Defender

12.05.01 |  Swamp Pest Being Used For Dog Treats
KPEL Lafayette

12.05.12 |  Company Says Dog Treats Will Save Louisiana’s Wetlands
Seattle Dog Spot

12.05.12 |  Nutria Control Goes to the Dogs
Houma Today

12.05.10 |  Wild Nutria Biscuits Hit the Market
LSU Ag Center’s  Louisiana Lagnaippe

12.05.10 |  How to Solve the Nutria Problem? Turn them into Dog Treats

12.05.10 |  Baton Rouge Start-up to Nutria Problem: Make Dog Treats
Baton Rouge Business Report

Press Releases

12.05  Wild Nutria Dog Biscuits Hit the Market


Making News

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