Meet our CED (corporate executive dog) Marais des Chien. His name is French for marsh dog. Marais is a glass-eyed, red Catahoula Leopard Cur. He was adopted by Hansel from our friends at Catahoula Rescue South Central who do a terrific job protecting and celebrating Louisiana’s state dog. Catahoulas were bred by the first European settlers of the Gulf States who used the dogs to work livestock. This is a breed that requires constant mental stimulation and hard physical exercise to be a good buddy and that he is in spades.

With his rugged good looks, keen marketing sense, and witty retorts, we assigned Marais to head-up the Twitter department. Remembering his rough puppy-hood wandering homeless, he requests that we celebrate every adoption by CRSC by providing them a bag of Marsh Dog biscuits. “A Louisiana dog deserves a Louisiana treat” says Marais!


Hansel Harlan is co-founder of Marsh Dog, chief bill-payer, and occasional gator wrestler. When he isn’t baking, walking the dogs, or playing water polo, he’s busy practicing law.


Veni Harlan is co-founder of Marsh Dog, design maven, and servant to several dogs, a parrot, and a pair of cockatiels. When she isn’t running production, fishing, or going to dog shows, she’s busy as a graphic designer, photographer, and teacher.

ignatius & suzanne

Ignatius Loyola owns Suzanne Danna-Harlan. He comes from our friends at Louisiana Italian Greyhound Rescue and is a devoted companion. Ignatius responds to all our info requests. Suzanne caters lunch, puts together sample bags, and runs the cheerleading department. 


Spice is one of Veni’s Borzoi, a breed she’s loved, shown, photographed, and bred for most of her life. Spice is named for one of the ingredients in Marsh Dog’s biscuits “cayenne” and is indeed a very spicy girl. Ms. Spice is proud to be a product tester, defender of wetlands, and head of online sales.

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Beautiful Isa is a great asset to MD with her super work ethic, cheerful attitude, and smarts. Isa handles anything we throw at her and helps with social media. When she’s not at Marsh Dog promotional events, baking, or grinding sweet potatoes, she works to keep her straight A record in high school, runs track, and sings in the LA State Choir.


We’re extremely lucky to have Chuck on the team. He’s smart, an independent thinker, and has done just about every job at MD. When he’s not loafing or coming up with great ideas, Chuck’s focused on high school, track (he’s super fast!), LSU Tigers, chocolate, and too much else to list here! 

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Gretel Kelly was recruited by very clever siblings for her numbers savvy and mad organizational skills. Gretel is a full time mom that juggles calendars, homework, pet care, and fostering with great finesse. We are thrilled to have her on the team!


Flintlock’s Mystic Luckenbooth is a Parson Russell Terrier and rules the heart of her man-servant Hansel. She is very opinionated about things so we rely on her feedback for all things at Marsh Dog.