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Picked up my Marsh Dog nutria treats from Neighborhood Pet Market in Baton Rouge. Thanks Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program for continuing to inspire creative ways to restore coastal Louisiana.

—Mel Landry (Geismar, LA)

What a great proactive way to deal with non-native invasive species. Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear so to speak.

—Marina Smith

This really is an awesome way to make use of something that would normally be discarded! The treats apparently are also pretty tasty. I had a bag given to me and Lucy Goosey (along with the cat’s help) managed to find a way to rip open the package and eat them all in one sitting! Two paws up!

—Jeremy Greene (Lewisville, AR)

My Great Dane and Doberman LOVE them. It’s so nice to have a treat that’s all-natural and helps the Louisiana coast!!! So proud of you!

—Alma Robichaux (Thibodeaux, LA)

She digs ‘em!

—Brandi Williams (Lafayette, LA)

Ch. Goodwin's Indefatigable At Flintlock, RN, BN, CGC, TDI writes us to say he highly recommends Marsh Dog treats!

—Carol Cheney (Cook, MN)

I did the taste test on all of my Corgis—
old and young. They were a big hit! As a breeder, I’m really particular about what I feed my dogs. Not only do I like the lean protein of nutria, I like what’s NOT in it (fillers, hormones, artificial colorings, etc.).

—Joan Adams (Downsville, LA)

Kobe, my big red rescue boy, has been on the hunt for nutria for years at my fishing camp in the swamps of Bayou Pigeon. Your Marsh Dog biscuits are his first opportunity to actually eat nutria!

—Sharon Coleman (Baton Rouge, LA)

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Lucky Ricchiuti relaxing after enjoying a few nutria biscuits that owner, Peter Ricchiuti (noted Tulane finance professor, radio host and general raconteur), brought home from the “Out to Lunch” interview. I think it’s safe to say that Lucky is the first dog to get nutria delivered from Commander’s Palace!

Our pups on wedding day in New Orleans. We shared Marsh Dog treats for our guest’s dogs along with the work you are doing. Great job!

— Megan

Healthy is good, but it’s gotta taste great. My dog has to like it. Verdict? Not only does she love the treats but begs for more!